• Latvia - Current projects


    Residential complex
    Lativa, Riga

    Building volume: 97,827 m2
    Total investment: € 139.4 million
    More information about the project: www.kliversala.com
    Kliversala (Trijadibas street 5, Riga) is a residential and commercial development project located in Riga on the left bank of river Daugava, adjacent to Prokurs building. The land is located between two main bridges, next to one of the biggest parks in Riga and has a long coastline. It is only a ten minutes’ walking distance from the Old Town of Riga. The property is situated on the … Read more »

    Tallinas street 5/7

    Residential building complex
    Latvia, Riga

    Building volume: 30,554 m2
    Total investment: € 36.5 million
    Tallinas is a residential development project located in Riga at the right bank of river Daugava, right next to the border of Riga’s historical City Centre. The project for the residential area foresees a series of apartment buildings with commercial functions on the first floor. The location is attractive for a residential area: it is located right next to the City Centre and is easily accessible both by cars and public transport. There … Read more »

    Zvaigznes Centre

    Business and office space
    Latvia, Riga

    Building volume: 23,057 m2
    Total investment: € 25.3 million
    Zvaigznes is a mixed development project located in Riga, at one of the main transport arteries heading through the City, next to the railways within a former industrial area. The project foresees renovation of the existing industrial building into mostly office buildings. The project is expected to be developed in two phases as the initial phase include the renovation works of the existing building and the second phase a construction of a new … Read more »

    Latvia - Past Projects

    Pulkveža Brieža street 11

    Residential complex
    Latvia, Riga

    Building volume: 3,980 m2
    Total investment: € 5,5 million
    Pulkveža Brieža street 11 is an apartment building developed in the same complex with PK Riga Hotel. Situated in one of the Riga’s prime areas, in the so-called quiet centre, only minutes by foot from the Old Town. The existing 5-6 floor building is renovated into modern apartments that are equipped with advanced technical solution. The historical building has apartments on the 2nd and 5th floors, that have one to four rooms. Pro Kapital … Read more »

    Vecpilsētas street 8A

    Residential building
    Latvia, Riga

    Building volume: 940 m2
    Total investment: € 1.25 million
    A typical 17th century 7 storey building, a former warehouse, located in Riga Old Town, converted into a luxurious residential building with a restaurant on the ground floor. The building has studio apartments as well as apartments with 5 rooms. Apartments at Vecpilseta Street 8a have a special feature: the building has a small inner skylight, which allows for intriguing lighting solutions.

    Palasta Street 9

    Office space and apartments
    Latvia, Riga

    Building volume: 3,900 m2
    Total investment: € 2.95 million
    The 4 storey building has a very prestigious location in Riga Old Town next to the Daugava River. Dating back to 1608 and once serving as a residence for Russian Czar Peter the Great.
    The exclusive offices are on the first two floors and the luxurious apartments on the 4th and 5th floor. From 2 room apartments to 6 room apartments with exclusive glass covered living rooms and open-aired terrace are offering a beautiful … Read more »

    PTC Rīga (World Trade Centre Riga)

    Office space
    Latvia, Riga

    Building volume: 15,000 m2
    Website: http://www.wtc-riga.lv/
    A subsidary of Pro Kapital Latvia- World Trade Centre Riga- is a member of the World Trade Centres Association. WTC Riga has a rent agreement with the state for managing the largest business and conference centre in Riga located in the central area close to foreign embassies, exclusive office and apartment buildings. Seven storey WTC building is considered as one of the most prestigious office buildings in Riga, in the the beautiful Kornvalda park. … Read more »

    Stabu street 19

    Residential building (apartment and office building)
    Latvia, Riga

    Building volume: 5,500 m2
    Total investment: € 7.5 million
    This imposing building in the Art Nouveau style is located in the centre of Riga and is one of the most outstanding Jugendstil works of the Latvian architect, Janis Alksnis. The seven storey building dates back to 1908 and is architecturally and functionally perfect for apartments and offices. Offices are located on the first three floors and apartments on the remaining four. There is also a two-storey parking lot under the building.

    Kuģu street 26

    Residential building
    Latvia, Riga

    Building volume: 11,400 m2
    Total investment: € 14 million
    An old five storey office building, which has been converted into an apartment building, situated next to the river Daugava with an exceptional view of the classical Riga Old Town panorama. The apartments have 2 to 6 rooms and are with exclusive glass constructions in living rooms and open-aired terraces.
    Pro Kapital does not own the building, but provides management and administration services. Pro Kapital generated an IRR of 20%.

    Domina Shopping

    Shopping centre
    Latvia, Riga

    Building volume: 48,500 m2 (total commercial area)
    Total investment: € 60 million
    Website: http://www.domina-shopping.lv/
    Domina Shopping is one of Riga’s largest shopping centres with the retail floor space of more than 40,000 m2. The building also accommodates 5,000 m2of office area, rented on a long term basis. The building has been built in various stages in 2002-2006. Domina Shopping centre comprises some 150 stores as well as restaurants, cafes, a bowling alley and a beauty care centre. Pro Kapital generated an IRR … Read more »