• Council

    Emanuele Bozzone, Chairman of the Supervisory Council

    Born 1964, Swiss citizen
    Degree in Economics and Commerce
    Current employment: Director General, Bozzone e Associati SA
    Primary work experience:
    Legal and tax consultant, Studio Renato Bullani
    CFO, Fininvest Services SA
    Positions of trust:
    CEO, Ebco Fiduciaria SA, Ebco Trustee Services Ltd
    Share ownership: 0


    Petri Olkinuora, Member of the Supervisory Council

    Petri Olkinuora

    Petri Olkinuora

    Born 1957, Finnish citizen
    Master’s in Civil Engineering, MBA
    Primary work experience:
    2011 – … CEO Forbia Oy
    2002-2011 CEO, Citycon Oyj
    1996-2002 CEO, Renor Oy
    Positions of trust include among others:
    Member of the board, Restamax Oyj
    Member of the board, Northern Horizon Capital AS
    Member of the board, Koja Yhtiöt Oy
    Member of the board, A- Insinöörit Oy
    Chairman of the board, Tampereen Messu- ja Urheilukeskus Oy
    Member of the board, Hartela Yhtiöt Oy
    Past positions of trust:
    2010-2011 Founding Member of the board, FiGBC ry (Finnish Green Building Council)
    2006-2009 Member of the board, EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association)
    2001-2003, 2007-2009 Vice Chairman and Member of the board, Rakli ry (The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients)
    Share ownership: 0

    Pertti Huuskonen, Member of the Supervisory Council

    Born 1956, Finnish citizen
    Master’s in Engineering, EMBA from University of Oulu
    Primary work experience:
    2011-… Enterpreneur, Lunacon Ltd
    2011-… Academic Executive Advisor and Lecturer, Oulu Business School, Oulu University
    2008-2012 Chairman of the Board, Technopolis Plc
    1985-2008 President and CEO, Technopolis Plc

    Positions of trust:
    2013-… Chairman of the Board, Lehto Group Oyj
    2011-… Member of the Board, Kaleva Oy
    2011-… Chairman of the Board, Suomen Hoivatilat Oyj

    Past positions of trust:
    2014-2015 Chairman of the Board, Partnera Oyj
    1997-2013 Honorary Consul of Sweden, Oulu Province
    2010-2011 Technopolis Ülemiste AS, Estonia, Chairman of the Supervisory Council
    2004-2006 Technopolis Ventures Oy, Chairman of the Board
    2000-2001 Finland Central Chamber of Commerce, Member of the Board
    1991-1995 International Association of Science Parks IASP, Chairman of the Board,

    Share ownership: 12 553